Member Benefits

Your BASA Membership ensures that you have easy access to the important legislative, administrative and related information that falls within the scope of Biokinetics.

  • All the information that you need to operate your practice on a professional level is made available to you by BASA on this website.
  • BASA promotes Biokinetics as a profession on your behalf by negotiating with the larger medical aids like Discovery, Medscheme and Bestmed, etc.
  • BASA is fully aware of the financial challenges that our practitioners face. To this end BASA has made it a priority to negotiate beneficial partnerships and special promotional agreements with a range of appropriate suppliers, Allegra, Profnet, Vitality.
  • Our primary aim is not only to save our BASA members money via the special discounted deals but also to provide value-added benefits to the BASA Membership as a whole, eg. Comprehensive malpractice insurance, practice management software integration and an online CPD Learning Centre.